How To Attract Customers To The Meat Industry?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, meat food has gradually become an important part of people’s diet. In addition to providing human body with a certain degree of heat, it also provides essential nutrients for human growth and development and keeping healthy.

1. Functional meat products
It refers to the meat products with certain health care functions, trace elements and nutrition fortifiers, which are added to traditional meat products through appropriate carriers, and are not affected by high temperature, high pressure and pH value in the process of processing. The pure natural food quality retention agent (preservative) can achieve certain health care purpose after eating. How to make full use of the existing resources to develop functional meat products with low calorie, low nitrate and low salt, which can regulate body function, improve immunity, delay aging and enhance physical fitness, is a new topic faced by the development of new meat products in China.

2. Low temperature meat products
Due to the different dietary habits and the popularity of Chinese meat products such as ham sausage, the consumption structure of meat products in China is still dominated by medium and high temperature meat products. In the Japanese market, the proportion of three types of low-temperature meat products (bacon, ham, sausage) in household consumption is as high as 90%, and low-temperature meat products are the main consumers. During the processing of low-temperature meat products, the protein is moderately denatured, the meat is firm, elastic, chewy, tender, crisp and juicy, which can keep the original nutrition and inherent flavor to the maximum extent. It is superior to high temperature meat products in quality. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the strengthening of healthy diet concept, low-temperature meat products occupy a dominant position in the meat market. In recent years, low-temperature meat products have gradually been loved by more and more consumers, and has become a hot spot in the consumption of meat products.

3. Catering
At present, new models, new formats and new consumption are constantly emerging, and the main consumers in the market are the post-80s, especially the post-90s. There are as many as 450 million people in China, accounting for about one third of the total population. They have active and strong purchasing power. The average working time in the kitchen of the post-80s and 90s has dropped from 1 hour per capita to 20 minutes, and they often process semi-finished dishes. Many people do not cook at home, and it has become normal to eat out and order meals. At the same time, the consumption demand of the whole society is also showing a trend of leisure. All of these will bring great changes to the catering industry and meat processing industry, making the improvement of product structure, business model, flavor and taste, standardized production and other aspects become the necessary examination papers. The basic requirements of Internet catering takeout are flavor, quickness and convenience. This requires the simplification of chef’s operation and standardization of dish flavor. Pre processing + seasoning, plate placing and simple stir frying are the new directions of meat products processing industry in the future, such as hotpot, simple meal, fast food, breakfast and other meat products.

With the gradual popularity of leisure life, the consumption of leisure food is increasing, and it has become a kind of consumption fashion in today’s society. The market sales volume increases rapidly with the growth rate of 30% – 50% every year. Leisure meat products have four consumption characteristics: flavor, nutrition, enjoyment and specialty. The consumers of leisure meat products include children, teenagers, urban white-collar workers, adults and the elderly. Among them, children, teenagers and urban white-collar workers are the main force of consumption or the promoters of new products, and their price acceptance ability is strong. Taste is the soul of leisure meat products and the most lethal weapon to attract consumers. The conventional flavors of meat products (chicken, pig, beef, fish, barbecue, etc.) are difficult to meet the needs of leisure consumption, so the innovation of taste is the most important.

Chinese traditional meat products have a long history of more than 3000 years. Through a long history, from raw meat barbecue to cooked meat processing, Chinese traditional meat products have gradually emerged. In the mid-19th century, western style meat products were introduced into China, forming a situation in which two kinds of meat products coexisted and developed.

Post time: Sep-20-2020