How To Process Meat Scientifically In Family

Any unscientific food may contain harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, poisons and chemical and physical pollution. Compared with fruits and vegetables, raw meat is more likely to carry parasites and bacteria, especially to carry zoonotic and parasitic diseases. Therefore, in addition to choosing safe food, scientific processing and storage of food are also very important.

Therefore, our reporter interviewed relevant experts from Hainan Food Safety Office and asked them to give advice on scientific processing and storage of meat food in the family.

In modern families, refrigerators are generally used to store meat, but many microorganisms may survive at low temperature, so the storage time should not be too long. Generally, livestock meat can be preserved for 10-20 days at – 1 ℃ – 1 ℃; it can be kept for a long time at – 10 ℃ – 18 ℃, generally 1-2 months. Experts suggest that when choosing meat products, the population of the family should be taken into consideration. Instead of buying a lot of meat at one time, the best way is to buy enough meat to meet the daily consumption of the whole family.

After the meat food is purchased and can not be eaten at one time, the fresh meat can be divided into several portions according to the consumption amount of each meal of the family, put them into fresh-keeping bags, and keep them in the freezer room, and take out one portion at a time for consumption. This can avoid the repeated opening of the refrigerator door and the repeated thawing and freezing of meat, and reduce the risk of rotten meat.

Any meat, whether it is livestock meat or aquatic products, should be processed thoroughly. Since most of the meat products on the market are the products of factory farming, we should not only process the meat to seven or eight mature because of the desire for delicious and delicious. For example, when eating hot pot, in order to keep the meat fresh and tender, many people put beef and mutton into the pot to rinse and eat, which is not a good habit.

It should be noted that meat with mild odor or deterioration, can not be heated to eat, should be discarded. Because some bacteria are resistant to high temperature, the toxins produced by them cannot be killed by heating.

Pickled meat products should be heated for at least half an hour before eating. This is because some bacteria, such as Salmonella, can survive for months in meat containing 10-15% salt, which can only be killed by boiling for 30 minutes.

Post time: Sep-20-2020