Safety And Health Knowledge That Food Manufacturing Industry Should Know

In the food industry, including meat food factory, dairy factory, fruit and beverage factory, fruit and vegetable processing, canned processing, pastry, brewery and other related food production process, the cleaning and cleaning of processing equipment and pipes, containers, assembly lines, operating tables and so on is very important. It is an important step in the daily operation of all food processing and production enterprises to timely and thoroughly clean the sediment on the surface of objects directly in contact with food, such as fat, protein, minerals, scale, slag, etc.

In the process of processing, all food contact surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected with effective cleaners and disinfectants, such as processing equipment, desks and tools, working clothes, hats and gloves of processing personnel; the products can be contacted only when they meet the relevant hygiene indicators.

1. The production workshop is responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of food contact surface;
2. The technology department is responsible for the monitoring and inspection of the hygienic conditions of the food contact surface;
3. The responsible department is responsible for formulating and implementing corrective and corrective measures.
4. Cleaning control of food contact surface of equipment, table, tools and appliances

Sanitary conditions

1. The food contact surfaces of equipment, tables, tools and appliances are made of non-toxic food grade stainless steel or food grade PVC materials with corrosion resistance, heat resistance, no rust, smooth surface and easy cleaning;
2. The equipment, table and tools are made with fine workmanship, without defects such as rough weld, depression and fracture;
3. The installation of equipment and desk should keep a proper distance from the wall;
4. Equipment, table and tools are in good condition;
5. There shall be no disinfectant residue on the food contact surface of equipment, table and tools;
6. The residual pathogens on the food contact surfaces of equipment, tables and tools meet the requirements of health indicators;

Health precautions

1. Ensure that the food contact surfaces such as equipment, tables and tools are made of materials that meet the sanitary conditions, and meet the requirements of production, installation, maintenance and easy sanitary treatment.
2. Use the disinfectant that meets the requirements for cleaning and disinfection. The cleaning and disinfection process follows the principles from clean area to non clean area, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, and avoid pollution caused by splash again.

Cleaning and disinfection of desk
1. Clean and disinfect the desk after each shift production;
2. Use brush and broom to clean the residue and dirt on the table surface;
3. Wash the surface of the table with clean water to remove the small particles left after cleaning;
4. Clean the surface of the table with detergent;
5. Wash and clean the surface with water;
6. The allowed disinfectant is used to spray and disinfect the table surface to kill and remove the pathogenic microorganisms on the table surface;
7. Wipe the desk with a towel washed with water for 2-3 times to remove the disinfectant residue.

Post time: Sep-20-2020