Frozen Boiled Pork Slices

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Product introduction Raw materials come from slaughterhouses and export registration enterprises in China. Imported raw materials mainly from France, Spain, the Netherlands
specification Slice and dice, wear a string
features The ratio of fat to thin is 3:7, fat but not greasy.
Apply channel Suitable for food processing, restaurant chain and other industries.
Storage conditions Cryopreservation below -18℃

Encapsulated Freezing Method
The film-wrapped freezing method, the CPF method has many advantages: the film formed when the food is frozen can inhibit the expansion and deformation of the food; limit the cooling rate, the ice crystals formed are fine, and will not produce large ice crystals; prevent cell damage, the product can be thawed naturally ; The food texture tastes good without aging.
Ultrasonic freezing technology
Film-wrapped freezing method, UFT uses ultrasonic waves to improve the food freezing process. The advantage is that ultrasound can enhance heat transfer during freezing, promote ice crystallization during food freezing, and improve the quality of frozen foods. Various effects caused by ultrasound can make the boundary layer thinner, increase the contact area, and weaken the heat transfer resistance, which is beneficial to increase the heat transfer rate. Research on the strengthening of the heat transfer process shows that ultrasound can promote the nucleation and inhibition of ice crystallization Crystal growth.

High-pressure freezing technology
High Pressure Freezing. HPF uses pressure changes to control the phase change behavior of water in food. Under high pressure conditions (200 ~ 400MPa), the food is cooled to a certain temperature. At this time, the water does not freeze, and then quickly The pressure is relieved, and small and uniform ice crystals are formed inside the food, and the volume of the ice crystals will not expand, which can reduce the internal damage to the food tissue and obtain frozen food that can maintain the original food quality.

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