Frozen Boiled Pork Sticks

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Product introduction Raw materials come from slaughterhouses and export registration enterprises in China. Imported raw materials are mainly from France, Spain, the Netherlands, etc.
specification More specifications, accept custom
features The ratio of fat to thin is 3:7, fat but not greasy.
Apply channel Suitable for food processing, restaurant chain and other industries.
Storage conditions Cryopreservation below -18℃

Bio-freezing protein technology
Biological frozen protein technology, BFPT is to directly add extracellular biological frozen protein to food materials. The activity of the bacterial extracellular frozen protein is higher than that of the entire ice nucleus cell, and an orderly fibrous flake structure of ice crystals can be obtained, which effectively improves the texture of frozen food and improves the freezing efficiency.
Instant freeze system
Instant freezing system. The CAS freezing system is a combination of a dynamic magnetic field and a static magnetic field, which releases tiny energy from the wall to make the water molecules in the food small and uniform, and then immediately cool the food from the supercooled state to -23° Frozen below C. Since the expansion of frozen crystals is minimized, the cell tissue of the food is not destroyed, and the color, aroma, taste and freshness of the food can be restored after thawing, and there is no juice loss, and the taste and water retention are better. maintain.
Food decompression freezing
Food decompression and freezing Food decompression and freezing preservation is composed of vacuum cooling, cryopreservation and gas storage. It has the characteristics of low temperature and low oxygen, inhibits the growth and respiration of microorganisms, and reduces the influence (damage) of oxygen and carbon dioxide on food. Therefore, reduced-pressure freezing preservation not only has the advantages of rapid freezing, prolonged preservation time and improved storage quality, but also prolonged the shelf life of food.

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